Connect, Commit, Collaborate, Co-Operate and Co-Create


Women are an embodiment of mercy and compassion. They have played different roles in this world. 1)     Nurturing the family that spans from children, mother, husband, in laws and grand-parents. 2)     Keeping the family united and loving. 3)     Women are behind the success stories of every man. 4)     They are housekeepers in every sense. They cook, clean, and keep everyone happy in the house. 5)     They work and provide income to raise their family in comfort. 

Despite playing these multitude of roles, women have been treated as second class citizens. They have been brought up to take directions from the man of the house, may it be a father, husband or an older brother or the boss at work. These have been ingrained into their belief system that they are just not good enough. Some men have the habit of calling people stupid, idiot etc. These verbage can have a permanent effect on the self esteem of women and children. They start perceiving themselves as being imperfect and seeds of low self esteem get sown.

Mindful Parenting is key to raising children without suppressing there creativity. Poor Parenting results in children who are vulnerable to bullying in school and at home. The vulnerability creates a certain weakness that makes them prone to drugs, smoking, alcoholism, and human sex trafficking. Children are exposed to tremendous peer pressure. The education system does not allow for creativity to emerge. Scolding children has become a pattern for stressed out parents. Traumatic incidents in childhood leave deep impressions that can affect our life in adulthood. 

​Empowerment is therefore key to change this pattern of living. A WOW world can only be created through empowerment. WOW world stands for World with Love, Observe Gender Equality and World without Violence. Empowerment is the ability to make my own choices, ability to discern and judge. Assertiveness is key to empowerment. Each and everyone must be able to express one's opinion with confidence and pursue necessary desired action.