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​Violence is a very uneasy word. No one feel comfortable hearing this. Unfortunately, it exists in every walk of life, at home, at work, when you go for a walk, hike, party etc. All of us wish for  world that is peaceful and free of Violence. 

At home, 1 in 3 women face domestic violence. In Schools, children are exposed to peer pressure and bullying. Cyber bullying is big nowadays. At work place, Women and Men face corporate bullying and harassment. Gender and Racial Discrimination is another form of subtle violence that is present everywhere. We have heard that if you are a female and you go to buy a car by yourself, there is a very good chance you will come out paying more than if a man goes to buy a car. This inequality is a form of violence. This wrong perception in each one's mind must change. Then only we can create a world that is peaceful. 

Human Trafficking in the form of labor and sex trafficking is huge. Average age of sex trafficking is around 15 years. This is an 800 million dollar industry annually in San Diego, USA. Yes, in USA. No one can believe it. But is true. Child Labor is a sad phenomenon, rampant everywhere. Instead of going to school to get an education, they become occupied in earning some money to feed their families. Female Fetus infanticide still takes place in the less developed parts of the world. We have had 4 girls from India bring home medals at Rio Olympics in 2016. We are proud of these girls. However, the dowry system in India makes it difficult to eradicate the thought of girls being a burden to families in which they born. The dowry system is a form of violence. Female Genital Mutilation is another type of violence. It make no sense at all and yet it exists even today.  

​Drugs in drinks is a big issue in clubs and bars. A girl's reputation is decided based on what she wears, and how she looks and with whom she is seen at clubs. She is always at a weaker position and a target for sexual assault, whether at home, college or a party. Even at work place she is discriminated. Even women are mean to other women. This is the key issue. Many mothers sell their daughters for a few dollars to feed their drug or addiction habits. Some of them can be even their close family member like an uncle or a step father. Promotions at work are also gender based. If you are a young beautiful, well dressed girl and willing to be a little lenient with your behavior you may just get the position you want. You may still be paid less than a man in the same position.

Female nurses are much nicer to male doctors. Harassment and hazing is very common in hospitals where new doctors face hazing for 1 to 2 years before they are finally accepted into their club. Corporate harassment chooses to create fear in their employees to get their job done. There are always targets and deadlines to meet. 

These subtle forms of violence create the now common atmosphere of stress and contributes to increase in mental illnesses.  

​We must understand that FEAR is Poison.  We must FREE our minds and We must HEAL our minds. 

The world needs each and every soul to live with respect and regard for each
other. Then we will experience a safe and peaceful world. This is our aim and
God will guide us to success with each one’s enthusiasm and participation.