Connect, Commit, Collaborate, Co-Operate and Co-Create



Violence has to be transformed into loveful and respectful vision towards women and children. Anger management and the letting go of EGO is key. Decreasing the demand for sex helps in decreasing human sex trafficking.  A spiritual transformation is needed to end this abusive behavior. We are the Spiritual Social Workers. Most are not aware about the presence of violence in the community. Most in USA do not even know that Human Sex Trafficking exists. Please check 


Each and everyone has a role to play in creating a beautiful and safe world. 

1)  Rally to bring about awakening and realization.

2)  Women empowerment gatherings and meditation for women and men, Spiritual Friendship Circle empowers girls with one to one mentoring.

3)  Speaking with at least 2 of your friends about the need to respect women and children

4)  Logos in all public transport systems (Trains, buses,Taxi, School, Colleges, Offices, Hospitals, Railway Stations, Parks to remind passengers to â€‹treat women and children with respect and regard.

5)  Governmental assistance that requires public service announcements in all Cinemas and television channels. These advertisements will promote the need for transformation and a new spiritual awareness of respect towards women and children. 

6)  Government to require all public workers to go through Living Value education and signing a pledge to protect women. 

7)  Meditation is simple and teaches us to think positive, to think kindly, to think loving thoughts, to create powerful and purposeful thoughts and to spread vibrations of peace and love in the world.

8) Mindful Parenting Classes and Mindfulness classes for all children in School.

9) Homelessness: Places our girls at a vulnerable position of weakness and emotional trauma. 

We Empower HER has been serving love infused meals once a month to our community and spreading awareness about these key issues as Karma Kafe. 

We Empower HER is visiting the Girls at Girls Rehab Facility twice a month for meditation.

​We Empower HER is building a relationship with Monarch School. Hopefully, through this connection we can empower our girls and children. Building self esteem is key and healing from the anger of being homeless is needed to bring calmness and clarity. The ability to discern is key to being assertive and not getting into traps of Human Sex Trafficking. Identifying these potholes is part of empowerment. 

Let us together create a safe world for our sisters and children....