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Compassionate Physicians

When I started We Empower HER, I did not know that physicians needed empowerment. My last 2 jobs have opened my eyes.  Empowerment is needed all around the world and specially in physicians.

​Female physicians are treated with less respect by nurses, senior or faculty physicians and management in Hospitals, private as well as academic institutions. Female ethnic physicians have a bigger disadvantage. Overweight physicians, grey haired physicians, short physicians and physicians who do not play with the boys club were harassed and hazed more commonly in the hospital atmosphere. It is almost best for female physicians to be in their own solo practice to feel respected in their profession. 

Unfortunately, physicians have lost their job security. The number of physicians that are being employed by hospitals are increasing. The number of private practice physicians are decreasing. Physicians work longer hours. Fatigue is a definite factor in decreasing the power to stand up and say "NO" to abuse and discrimination. Family and work balance is difficult to maintain. Physicians are not considered human. Most do not accept that physicians can also be stressed and overwhelmed. If you are stressed you are considered weak and you are in store for more harassment. The perception by management and patients that we are superhuman is just a facade. We are normal human beings that go through everything including mental illness just as anybody else. Th stress in health care that physicians and medical students experience is evident by the increasing number of suicides.

After my personal experience of harassment and discrimination at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns (San Diego, California), I realized that empowerment of physicians is a necessity to revival of the glory of our noble profession. Physicians work in fear with tremendous pressure to produce financial results and improved patient satisfaction with less time to accomplish these goals. 

My goal is to stand up for these physicians who are working in fear and are either suspended or threatened termination for raising their voice against harassment and discrimination. Hazing is a dirty stain on Humanity. Corporate abuse and slavery is not acceptable in this Universe. Corporate Slavery must end. Till we achieve a state of human dignity in health care, it is my moral duty and responsibility to provide compassion and be present for my colleagues all over the world. Dr. Romi NIranjan and Dr. Dipti Seth will be on our team providing love and compassion to any physician who needs us. We will be here for you when you need us. Send me a message eon Facebook at Asha Kamnani or email me at